Our Mission and Statement of Purpose:

  • To create a dynamic and supportive learning environment
  • To offer high-quality, innovative and practical education
  • To help students succeed in their career goals

At Pacific Link College, we aim to create a dynamic, challenging and supportive learning environment that encourages students from different cultures and backgrounds to engage in active studies and knowledge sharing moments. We offer high-quality and practical educational programs that help our student to adapt in this fast-changing world and to upgrade personal skills to achieve career success.

With experienced instructors who specialize in ESL teaching and flexible class schedules, PLC offers our students a supportive learning environment and various opportunities to improve their English skills. With our focus on academic English studies, PLC provides various opportunities for both young and working adults to expand their personal and academic networks. By stimulating positive interactions, we allow students to gain knowledge from different cultures, promoting cultural understanding, thereby allowing students to learn in a discrimination-free learning environment.

Pacific Link College is located in Metro Vancouver with all its modern conveniences. Our campus is surrounded by a thriving community with various cultural clubs and language learning resource that truly allows students to learn language via a multi-cultural environment.

With our commitments in offering personal learning experiences, our qualified instructors, counselors and all staff are dedicated to ensuring that students get the support they need to fulfill their professional goals. We sincerely welcome all guests and students to join us at our campus in Burnaby, BC.