General Admission Policy:

Pacific Link College is committed to enrolling students who meet specific program admission criteria, including all academic standards and course requirements. The College is dedicated to helping students succeed in achieving their education and career goals.

Admission Procedure:

  1. A staff member (College Administrator or Admission Representative) will meet with the prospective student to discuss the program of interest.
  2. Once a prospective student has decided on a program of study, the Campus Administrator or Admission Representative will review admission criteria for that program with the student to ensure they meet all criteria. The staff member will gather all pertinent documentation ( ie. passports, study permits or permanent resident cards) as evidence that the student has met admission requirements and will place a copy of each document on the student’s file.
  3. Prospective students whose first language is not English must provide the College with a completed TOEFL, IIBT or IELTS test showing the student has attained the acceptable level of English proficiency, as set out in the College’s Language Proficiency Policy. In the alternative, the student must complete the College’s Language Proficiency Assessment and achieve the minimum score required for admission to the program of study.
  4. Once it is established the student has met all admission requirements, staff member will:
    1. prepare the enrollment contract, then review the contact and all relevant policies with the student.
    2. discuss financial arrangements for payment of tuition and other fees.
  5. Once the student and a representative of the College have signed the enrollment contract, the student will receive the following:
    1. A fully signed copy of the enrollment contract;
    2. Admissions Policy;
    3. Tuition and Refund Policy;
    4. Withdrawal Policy;
    5. Dismissal Policy;
    6. Language Proficiency Assessment Policy (where applicable);
    7. Attendance Policy;
    8. Use and Disclosure of Personal Information Policy;
    9. Safety Policy;
    10. Work Experience Policy (if applicable);
    11. Student Handbook.