Thanks letter from a student – Steven


To Whom It May Concern,

This letter is from a student who has been tutored by Mrs. Holly.

Currently, to have a reasonable IELTS Test result is one of critical requirements for all international students or foreign workers to become Canadian permanent residents. Indeed, I am the one whom wants to be an immigrant in Canada. However, I didn’t get a good test result to continue my immigration process a couple of months ago. Fortunately, a recommendation was from a friend of mine; he suggested me I could improve my ability of passing IELTS by coaching with Mrs. Holly. And, I accepted the advice.

After taking several classes, my confidence was enhanced a lot due to complete valuable assignments and selected questions that were chosen by Mrs. Holly. Importantly, she is a kind, meticulous, and considerate person; therefore, as her student, you are able to learn effectively useful examination techniques in a peaceful and harmonious environment.

If you are the one wants to improve your capability and skill regarding of IELTS Test in a short time, I highly recommend that Mrs. Holly is the exactly right person that you are looking for.


Yours truly,

A Former Student, Steven

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