Current Courses

Explore a wide range of programs and courses offered at Pacific Link College campuses. Whether you’re looking to start or advance your education, we offer a wide range of options, including post-graduate diplomas, advanced diplomas, certificates and more.

Canadian Workplace Skills Programs

business fundamentals canadian workplace skills

Business Fundamentals

Tourism, hospitality and services

Tourism, Hospitality and Services

Information and communication technology

Information and Communication Technology

childcare and language assistant

Childcare and Language Assistant

Hospitality and Tourism Programs

Post Graduate Diploma in Business Hospitality Management

Business Hospitality Management
(Post Graduate Advanced Diploma)

Business Hospitality management advanced diploma

Business Hospitality Management
(Advanced Diploma)

Global restaurant entrepreneurship diploma

Global Restaurant Entrepreneurship

Business Hospitality Management Associate Diploma

Business Hospitality Management
(Associate Diploma)

Information & Communication Technology Programs

Post Graduate Diploma Digital Media Studies Management Science

Digital Media Management
(Post Graduate Diploma)

digital media studies advanced diploma

Digital Media Studies
(Advanced Diploma)

Information and Communication Technology with Co-op

ICT in Business
(Advanced Diploma)

Information and communication technology in business

ICT in Business
(Associate Diploma)

Certificate Programs

Digital skills and technology certificate

Digital Skills and Technology

cybersecurity awareness certificate

Cybersecurity Awareness

childcare and language assistant certificate

Childcare and Language Assistant

intensive academic preparation 1

Intensive Academic Preparation 1

Intensive Academic preparation 2

Intensive Academic Preparation 2

Advanced Academic preparation

Advanced Academic Preparation