Focal Point

The focus of this full-time role is to coordinate day-to-day ongoing support activities, including general administration, communication, scheduling, data collection, management, and reporting. This role reports directly to the Director of Onboarding, Certification and Support. The person in this role needs to be detail-oriented, have excellent communication skills, the ability to build strong relationships, work well within a team environment, and have experience with a variety of technologies including but not limited to G-suite, Windows, LMS, Zoom, Basecamp, etc. The coordinator will be required to interact daily with program facilitators, mentors, trainers, franchisees, and the head office team. Applicants should have a minimum of 7 years of work experience, preferably in a coordinator or administrative role. Work from the head office in Vancouver.

Key Areas of Responsibilities:

FPAC (FocalPoint Assessment Center)
Issue FPAC Code Orders – Process within 24 hours of email request
Track & report FPAC code usage
Field basic Coach questions & forward others to FPAC Director and/or FPAC Facilitator
Update and maintain FPAC content in the FP Library
Coordinate distribution of assessment provider, coach or marketing-generated materials

All Team Calls
All Team Call Wins – Monthly Email request & Typeform, Format into a chart, forward to FPHO for InFocus Newsletter & director for reporting
All Team Call Point of Culture Speaker – Email invite to coach with instructions and confirmation
All Team Call agenda – create monthly agenda, email communication to presenters, follow up confirmation, submit agenda for communication

Support Calls/Training Programs
Yearly Support Calendar – Create, maintain, & upload to Basecamp for Library, coordinate getting on google-calendar & library calendar
Yearly Optional Certification Programs & Training Calendar – Create, maintain & upload to Basecamp for Library, coordinate getting on google-calendar & library calendar
Certificates – Create & email for Executive Coaching & Navigation Conversation Facilitator Certifications/library access for EC certified coaches
Maintain tracking chart for Executive Coaching & Navigational Conversations certified coaches
Secure Hotshots Call Presenters, coordinate topic & presenter information for field communication, start a call, record, submit a recording to basecamp for library
Collaborate with facilitators for all support & training calls to ensure topics, dial-ins, etc. are provided on a timely basis for field communication, IT support is secured, record, submit a recording to basecamp for library

Data Collection
KRA Monthly Data-collect, review, report quarterly (explore more effective system)
Practice Mentors – Maintain/update tracking chart
Coach retention data-Maintain/update as needed

Annual Conference
Agenda-coordinate with the director to create, maintain and communicate
Speakers-coordinate with the director to identify, invite, collect bios/photos/summaries/presentations, post in g-drive; communicate with presenters regarding deadlines, submissions, edits,
Awards-coordinate with director & executive to identify award winners; order awards; track
Goody bags-coordinate contents, preparation, distribution
Onsite support during the annual conference

Attend FPHO team meetings & calls as necessary (huddle, ATC, an annual conference, etc.)
Travel to attend the annual conference (Passport Required)

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