Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

Responsibilities of Shift Supervisors
Supervisors’ essential tasks are focused on day-to-day operations, people management, financials and Maintenance
• Operations
o Deliver Cajun Hospitality, ensuring speed of service, quality of the product, handling guest complains, cleanliness of the dinning room.
o Ensuring all standards for food safety are met, record food temperatures every 30 minutes and every 4 hours for seasoned products, by using Zenput.
o Change sanitizer every 2 hours, ensure it meets 200ppm levels; wash hands every 30 minutes.
o Complete restaurant walk-through every two hours to ensure brand standards are implemented
o Monitor and correct standards and procedures, ensuring compliance as per brand standards
o Implement Routine cleanliness as well as detailed cleanliness
o Conducting table visits to ensure guest satisfaction
o Building repeat guests – delivering service so satisfying which would result in repeat customers, focus on speed of service & chicken with change. Follow VOG requirements
o Production: taking necessary actions to ensure all products are available at best quality
o Following forecasted sales, and working towards effectively towards preparing products and making regular adjustments to cater guest needs.
o Dealing with guest complaints using the HEART model in order to retain the guest.
o Delegate secondary duties to the staff to ensure cleanliness of the facility
• People management
o Manpower deployment by checking schedules, assigning primary and secondary duties for all staff, covering sick calls for the following shift if any.
o Employee engagement: involving coaching and mentoring on day-to-day basis, talking into position, talking out of position. Constant feedback and encouragement to motivate staff and uplift performance.
o Conduct huddle shifts to set goals for the shift, monitor progress and evaluate results.
o Ensure health & safety standards are set, implemented and gaps are recorded and reported.
o Oversee staff are wearing correct uniform, including safety shoes
o Supervise filtration process and ensure staff are wearing all personnel protective equipment
o Avoid any slip hazards
o Report any hazards in the workplace
o Ensure that you respect your co-workers and crew members by displaying courtesy and care. Do not get involved in friendships with crew members which would impact your performance; manage your relationship with the staff professionally.
• Financials
o Check forecast for the day and break it down by the hourly period
o Set up cash tills and ensure enough change funds are available the day, and next day.

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