Pacific Link College has designed its digital media courses in a manner that encompasses all the necessary knowledge and skills that are required for the digital ecosystem. By the end of the 21st century, over 95% of all financial and communication transactions in the private and government sectors will be digital in nature. Considering this trend, the key to success in the present world is digital literacy.

Our digital media courses have been carefully designed to ensure that every student that enrolls in this program gains a strong overview of this field by the time they graduate. Students will be learning the relevant skills, hands-on experience, while developing a professional portfolio of work that will be an important asset for every student as they kick-start their career.

Our courses encompass the vast field of digital communication and digital media from an international and interdisciplinary point of view, bringing together practical knowledge and academic discussions. PLC’s courses introduce students to every facet of digital media.

From usage to designing and planning to implementation of digital media, our students will learn every aspect of it. Our courses are designed by industry experts and our emphasis is on raising expert digital media leaders.


What Is Digital Media

Today, we live in a world that is populated by digital media products, and these products deliver and enable experiences in various industries. Digital media is truly a blend of content and technology, created by professionals with diverse skills.

All of these skills are taught in our digital media courses. You can find digital media products in e-commerce, websites, augmented reality, social media, animation, etc. Digital media are used in various industries like entertainment, e-commerce, technology, health, education, publishing, and sports – the list is long.


What Are the Job Opportunities in Digital Media?

Wherever these is communication of mass communication, people skilled in digital media are needed. Students who pursue education in digital media can enter audio or video production, television, broadcasting, website design, graphics design, e-commerce, advertising, marketing, sales, and more. Digital media experts are needed in nearly every major business or industry. Below, you will find a list of careers you can pursue with a digital media education, including:

  • Web developer

  • Web manager

  • PR manager

  • Digital video editor

  • Animator

  • Art director

  • Computer programmer

  • Online database manager

  • Digital audio technician

  • Marketing expert

  • Technology support specialist

  • Digital marketing expert

  • Social media manager

  • Production manager


Why Study with PLC?

At PLC, we have a 360 degree digital environment for the development and training of our students. You should join PLC if you want a complete transformation into a leader within the digital realm. PLC transforms you by facilitating live projects, industry-standard tools, and constant evaluation of your progress. Our faculty members and teachers ensure that every student is ready to stand in the crowd in the digital media world.

PLC accomplishes the points mentioned above through:

  • Highly proficient lectureres and industry expert trainers.

  • Emphasis on practical exposure along with strong theoretical understanding.

  • Robust learning management system.

  • Extensive learning tools to develop projects.


Outcome of Our Courses

At the end of our Digital Media Studies Management Science program, students will have a deep understanding of various facets of digital media. Our courses will prepare them for the industry they wish to enter. They will acquire an individual specialized skill set that will help them pursue jobs in the are of digital media creation.

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