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PLC’s Safety Responses to Corona COVID 19

PLC takes the safety of its students, staff and instructors at with the highest level of attention. Both campuses have increased cleaning frequencies. We have also provided the campuses with facilities to disinfect hands. PLC is also monitoring instructions from both our provincial ministry of education and health. We have been instructed to restrict gatherings of over 50 people, so we have decided to move our classes online.  For students, please log into Moodle for instructions on how to access the online class.


dhariwal I can positively say Pacific Link College has helped me develop a positive attitude towards my studies and discover more about myself. They make sure every class is fun, educational and interactive.

Devinder Singh
Student – Hospitality Management

dhariwal The multicultural environment of students from different countries made me choose Pacific Link College. If you are studying at Pacific Link College, you have better career opportunities in the days ahead.

Song Hao
Student – Digital Media Studies

president Our education will lead you to careers in your chosen industry by helping you build the skills for today’s market. We think of everyone at Pacific Link College as family who are there to help each other’s success.

Peter Lee
President – Pacific Link College

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Why PLC?

Pacific Link College is a designated learning institution. This means we’re approved by the provincial government to host international students. If you are an international student, you’ll need to obtain a study permit with your acceptance letter from us.

In addition, in order to apply for a study permit, you will also need a DLI number which is the identification number of Pacific Link College. Our DLI number is 019394451662.

At Pacific Link College, we take pride in our institution and focus on providing students with an education that’s highly valued in the job market. We believe that your education is only as good as the individual teaching it. With that being said, we ensure that our faculty are all experts in their industries and are communicative and enthusiastic with students. We are dedicated to helping students achieve their learning goals. All students who complete a program at Pacific Link College should be able to:

  • Think critically and creatively.
  • Effectively communicate with individuals in their field.
  • Gain theoretical and practical knowledge from their program of choice.
  • Confidently articulate the knowledge and skills obtained throughout their program.
  • Enter the job market and successfully establish themselves with a leading Canadian company.

Pacific Link College offers program starts every month. When it comes to applying for post-secondary education, many students are discouraged by the strict application period. If you miss the application deadline, this could result in you having to wait an entire semester or year in order to apply. At Pacific Link College, we want to make your post-secondary experience as enjoyable as possible, starting from the day you apply. We accept monthly intakes which means you’ll be able to apply without having to wait for a specific application period to open. Our monthly intake allows students the freedom to apply at any month of the year.

Though many people have completed post-secondary education, however, need to refresh their skills for the corporate environment. At Pacific Link College, we support returning students who are interested in updating their business skills. We offer corporate training programs which aim at assisting individuals who wish to excel in their career. We realize that technology has advanced over the past decade, thus, our training program focuses on effective communication and also training for social media platforms.

For most university graduates, upon graduation, they’re left to enter their careers without any support. During their education, though they’re taught theory, they lack practical training which is crucial when entering the job market. This lack of support and practical training results in graduates unable in finding work in their field. However, at Pacific Link College, we provide 100% support for our students even after graduation. We ensure that our students are assisted throughout the process of finding their careers in leading Canadian companies.

At Pacific Link College, we want our students to receive the best education from leading experts in their field. We feel, at Pacific Link College, the way a student comprehends and excels relies heavily on the instructor and materials provided. Thus, Pacific Link College collaborates with various institutions and industry experts, ensuring that our students get the most out of their education.

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