Pacific Link College is committed to providing accurate information to prospective students and to ensure they understand the College’s tuition and refund policy. The policy is to provide guidance with respect to when a student is entitled to a refund (or partial refund) of tuition and how the refund is to be calculated.

“Student” is defined as an individual including but not limited to prospective students as well as on currently registered or enrolled in any Pacific Link College programs or activities.

  1. A student may be entitled to a refund of tuition fees in the event that:
  2. The written notice of withdrawal or dismissal or the refusal of study permit may be delivered to the College with a receipt and other supporting verifications, either in person, by email or by registered mail. A withdrawal or dismissal date must be clearly stated on the notice. For the purposes of this policy, a refusal of study permit is considered to be a notice of withdrawal.
  3. The refund to which a student is entitled is calculated on the total tuition fees due under the contract. Where total tuition fees have not yet been collected, the institution is not responsible for refunding more than what has been collected to date and a student may be required to make up for monies due under the contract.
  4. Depending on the contract, if the institution has received fees in excess of the amount it is entitled to collect under the contract, the excess amount must be refunded.
  5. Refund policy for students:
  6. Under the circumstances that a student is enrolled in an approved program without having met the institutional and/or program specific minimum requirements and without having misrepresented his/her knowledge or skills when applying, the institution must refund all tuition and fees paid under the contract, less the applicable non-refundable student application or registration fee.
  7. In the event that a student withdraws or is dismissed from their program, they are entitled to a full refund of any as-yet to be received consumables that have been pre-paid.
  8. Students must return any related equipment or supporting materials upon their withdrawal or if they are dismissed from their program/institution:
  9. Any possible refunds owed to students will be returned within 30 days if the institution received a written notification of withdrawal; and(or) receiving a copy of refusal of study permit; or upon providing a student with a notice of dismissal. It is student’s responsibility to provide any required supporting documentation.
  10. No refund will be granted once the College issues a Letter of Acceptance to the student unless the student provides a letter of refusal of student permit to the College.
  11. The College retains a record of all students who have been issued a Letter of Acceptance.
  12. For programs shorter than six months, all application fee and tuition fees must be paid upon registration. Payments cannot be separated into different installments.
  13. For programs longer than six months, payment may be separated into two installments. In general, the first installment covers the tuition for the first half of the program. The second covers tuition for the second half of the program. All students must pay their current installment(s) in full ONE WEEK prior to the start of the corresponding program. (An example would be: if the duration of a program is eight-month long, the first installment must be paid before the start date of the program and the tuition fee should cover the first four months. The second installment must be paid before the start date of the second half of the program, the tuition fee should cover the last four months).
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