Work and Learn Canada

Work and Learn Canada

Work and Learn – Canadian Workplace Skills – Trades Sector CO-OP

Pacific Link College has partnered with Work and Learn Canada to provide training for Canadian Workplace Skills: Business Fundamentals Co-op Diploma students within the business and administration side of various trades sectors.

The more you know about the fundamentals of business, the better you will be able to adapt to the Canadian work environment. The Canadian Workplace Skills programs provide students with an orientation to Canada, the education environment, English language and communication skills, and employment readiness. Each one of the programs focuses on different sectors of industry.

The Business Fundamentals program provides all of the areas described above as well as the knowledge of typical business in the Trades industry sectors such as Carpentry, Plumbing and Electrical. The program looks at the business side of these industries, such as accounting and bookkeeping, administration and operations.

The courses are provided with a variety of activities via classroom, guest speakers, observations, in-class practice, and field trips. It also includes a co-op placement to apply the knowledge and skills gained in class. Students will be able to gain work experience in a wide spectrum of opportunities. The purpose of the work experience is to introduce students to a general trades environment in a Canadian company. Graduates will be able to comfortably communicate in various forms, provide excellent customer service and general sales activities, and work as a team or independently with a confidence with understanding their work environment and the employer’s policies and business practices. The graduate will be confident in their decisions for their future career path or educational goals.


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