Pacific Link College prides itself on supporting a superb learning environment that prepares students for a competitive labor market. Specializing in digital media, hospitality, and business programs, PLC is well known through its partnerships. It has partnered with the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI) to build its hospitality programs.

PLC is well known for its mission in creating a dynamic and supportive learning environment for its students, offering high-quality, innovative, and practical education, and helping students to succeed in their careers.  Business Hospitality Management is one of the programs offered by PLC; it has a high demand all across the world. This industry is hiring like crazy. With this career, you have tremendous opportunities in numerous areas along with a very promising salary range.

Enrolling yourself in a Business Hospitality Management program with PLC, you will be signing yourself up for the benefits of a new career

1. Great job and career opportunities.

PLC graduates in Business Hospitality management direct their careers in a multitude of sectors such as

  • Hotels and resort management
  • Food and beverage industries
  • Meeting and event management
  • Travel and tourism
  • Airlines, cruises, and other transportation
  • Spa and wellness management

2. Improves creative thinking, promotes health and it’s fun

Traveling broadens the mind. With a career in business hospitality management, one is able to break the monotony of a rigid routine because of its diversity and ability to see the world. Most companies in this area have properties on every continent, so their employees can transfer to work abroad. This exposure broadens their minds as well as guaranteed and facilitated travel. Therefore, by choosing BHM with PLC, you will be investing in a career that has endless possibilities and making a positive commitment to your health.

3. Global exposure

Hospitality is one of the few career options that carves your path to global exposure due to its widespread presence. With this program, you are able to get a chance to work for international hotels and resorts. Global exposure helps you understand different cultures and customs, adding to your experience as a professional. PLC contributes a great deal in ensuring that you have the outstanding skills required for this occupation.

4. Job security

There is an increased demand for hospitality professionals due to a large number of jobs being generated globally. This is making the BHM program a very smart study option.

5. Significant growth

“Growth opportunity” should be one of the key factors in choosing your career option. Hospitality jobs help you grow personally and professionally. It also helps you socialize, and network and also provides you with dynamic opportunities to grow within an organization.

About us:

Pacific Link College has a wide collection of courses/programs that are tailor-made based on the most updated job market needs, skills, and competencies. We are here to help you succeed in your future career. We got your back! Our courses and programs are as follows:-


  • Digital Media Studies Management Science.
  • Digital Media Studies Advanced Diploma.


  • Business Hospitality Management Advanced.
  • Hospitality Management Advanced Diploma.

Other Programs

  • Intensive Academic Preparation 1
  • Intensive Academic Preparation 2



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