5 Key Benefits of Studying Business Hospitality Management at Pacific Link College

The journey toward a successful career begins with choosing the right path in education. One such promising field is Business Hospitality Management, and Pacific Link College stands out as a beacon of excellence in providing education in this industry. Aspiring professionals don’t seek only having a diploma or degree in their cabinet but have a unique blend of skills that are highly sought after in the dynamic job market, and be able to make an impact in the industry.

At Pacific Link College we don’t just educate students but empower them to have a great impact in their dream careers and get an upper edge in the competitive labor market. For this reason, PLC has earned its reputation as a distinguished institution, recognized for its commitment to academic excellence and innovation.

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What is Business Hospitality Management?

Business Hospitality Management involves the effective administration of businesses in the hospitality sector. It involves overseeing the operational aspects of hospitality establishments within a business context including core leadership and analytics training. It aims to optimize the balance between guest satisfaction and profitability within the hospitality sector. This field encompasses a wide range of skills, from management principles to customer service expertise. Understanding the scope of this discipline is essential for prospective students.

In today’s competitive job market, businesses seek professionals who not only understand traditional management practices but also possess specialized knowledge in hospitality. Through the Business Hospitality Management program students won’t just be able to provide exceptional guest experiences but also manage hotels, restaurants, event spaces, and other hospitality facilities to ensure they meet business objectives.

Difference Between Hospitality Management and Business Hospitality Management?

Both of the programs are similar because they deal with the hospitality industry. As a matter of fact, both hospitality management and business hospitality management share a focus on ensuring customer satisfaction and providing outstanding guest experiences. In contrast, Business Hospitality Management (BHM) integrates these goals with a focus on achieving business objectives and maximizing profitability. Business hospitality management often involves a deeper involvement in financial planning, strategic decision-making, and aligning hospitality operations with broader business strategies.

For those desiring a leadership career in the hospitality industry business hospitality management would be the suitable option.

Hospitality Programs Offered at PLC

Benefits of Studying Business Hospitality Management

The following are the 5 benefits of studying business hospitality management at Pacific Link College, a renowned hospitality college in British Columbia, Canada.

1. Tailored Programs to Meet Industry Demands

The hospitality programs at PLC are crafted to align with the ever-evolving demands of the industry. Tailored courses ensure that graduates possess the specific skills and knowledge required by employers in the competitive business hospitality sector. These programs not only focus on foundational principles but also incorporate the latest trends, technologies, and best practices, ensuring that graduates emerge as highly capable professionals ready to excel in their careers. Some of our students have been able to work for some of the top and best companies in Canada such as Tim Hortons, Fairmount Hotel, Westjet, Air Canada, Sheraton Hotel, and many others. By prioritizing industry relevance and practical applicability, Pacific Link College empowers its students to thrive in dynamic and demanding hospitality environments, ultimately contributing to the continued advancement of the sector.

2. Hands-on Experience and Practical Skills

Beyond theoretical knowledge, Pacific Link College places a strong emphasis on practical skills development. Through hands-on projects, interactive simulations, and real-world experiences, students graduate with the confidence and competence to excel in their careers. This emphasis on practical skills not only deepens students’ understanding of theoretical concepts but ensures that graduates emerge fully prepared to tackle the challenges and complexities of their respective industries, poised to make meaningful contributions from day one.

3. Global Networking Opportunities

Pacific Link College serves as a dynamic platform for students to forge connections and cultivate a global network. Recognizing the paramount importance of networking in the hospitality industry, the college leverages its extensive ties with industry leaders to provide students with unparalleled opportunities for engagement. Through events, seminars, and guest lectures featuring professionals from around the globe, students gain invaluable insights and establish meaningful connections that extend beyond borders.

Students in our business hospitality programs will be able to earn for free the Food Safe Certification and Serving it Right Certification, which are very important in Canada’s hospitality industry. In addition, students in the hospitality diploma programs have the option of enrolling in either Oxford or Harvard Business Analytics courses – this is a separate cost. Students who have already finished the Business Analytics course at Harvard and Oxford will receive credits toward their diploma. Our robust network not only enhances students’ career prospects but also fosters a rich exchange of ideas, cultural perspectives, and best practices, preparing them to thrive in the interconnected and diverse landscape of the hospitality industry.

4. Diverse Career Opportunities

Studying Business Hospitality Management (BHM) opens doors to a myriad of career paths. It’s easier to pursue a career that resonates with your personal interests and professional ambitions because of how diverse and large the hospitality industry is. With a diploma in business hospitality management, whether it’s leading a luxury resort, hotel management, organizing international conferences, event planning, or tourism, graduates have the flexibility to choose a career that aligns with their passion and strengths. The hospitality industry is ever-developing and green when it comes to career opportunities.

5. Flexible Study Schedule

Pacific Link College’s supportive and empowering learning environment allows students to strike a harmonious balance between academic pursuits and personal or professional endeavors. With flexible classes scheduled for just two and a half days per week, students enjoy ample time to apply their newfound knowledge in real-world job settings, enhancing their practical skills and gaining valuable industry experience. Whether opting for weekend or weekday classes, students have the freedom to choose the format that best suits their lifestyle and preferences. Additionally, the option to study online further enhances flexibility, providing students with the opportunity to engage with coursework and connect with peers from anywhere, at any time.

6. Career Support and Placement Assistance

Pacific Link College goes beyond education by offering robust career support and placement assistance. From resume building to interview preparation, the college is dedicated to ensuring graduates transition seamlessly from academia to the professional realm. With a dedicated team of career advisors and industry professionals, Pacific Link College equips graduates with the tools, confidence, and connections needed to embark on successful career paths, ensuring seamless integration into the workforce and setting the stage for long-term professional growth and success.

Career Opportunities with a Business Hospitality Management Diploma

Hospitality management careers can focus on all aspects of business, from brand management, marketing, and human resources to finance, project management, and property development. A Business Hospitality management diploma is a crossroad of career opportunities in a multitude of sectors such as

  • Hotels and resort management
  • Food and beverage industries
  • Meeting and event management
  • Travel and tourism
  • Airlines, cruises, and other transportation
  • Spa and wellness management

Business Hospitality Management (BHM) graduates from Pacific Link College are well-equipped to meet these demands.

Additionally, if “Growth opportunity” is one of your key factors when choosing your career option, then a career in the hospitality industry when a viable option. This is because hospitality jobs help you grow personally and professionally.  Furthermore, hospitality-related jobs help you socialize, and network and provide you with dynamic opportunities to grow within an organization.

Choosing to study Business Hospitality Management at Pacific Link College is an investment in a future full of possibilities. Enrol for any business hospitality management program and start your program the same month.



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