Are you planning a vacation with friends or family anytime soon? Or do you want to head over for studies? Despite the reason, a much needed trip awaits you for the rest of the year and you should seriously consider booking your tickets! Vancouver is a great idea for those who love the each and enjoy a tropical climate, and is perfectly suited for this time of the year. The coastal region has more than 200 amusement parks that it is popularly known for, and the destination’s greenery is what attracts tourists from far and wide.

If you’re planning a trip to Vancouver, you do not have to worry about being above a certain age threshold. Resident students enjoy their time in the city, on the go, and you can do the same! Catch a break from your hectic schedule and dive into the adventurous aspect of Vancouver by visiting one of these scenic amusement parks that have the latest rides and the most amazing experiences curated for you.

Dude Chilling Park

Do you not find the name amusing? As the iconic park catches attention with its name alone, there’s a story behind it too that you definitely need to know! It is named after the statue of a man who is found to be chilling by the zone. Dude Chilling Park is also known as the ‘Guelph Park’. It was started off as a prank in 2012 with a sign that stated the same, but residents protested against the same when it was initiated for removal.

It is popularly known as the second most green space in the city, and is located in the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood. Coincidence? We think not! It is also lined against a couple of affordable breweries. You can take a walk, indulge in jogging or just roam around the area for its unique features and grab a bite on your way.


If you are looking for a full day of adventurous fun with friends and family, visit Playland today and hop on to some of its most daring rides! The amusement park is brimming with tourists during the peak seasons since it has approximately 40 rides in the entire area. If you are looking to visit Playland any time soon, you can book the tickets in advance. It is open till 6pm every day, and offers standard ticket pricing for all age groups. The entry is free for children.

Playland is one of the busiest amusement parks in Vancouver, Canada.

Jericho Beach Park

Jericho Beach Park
If you enjoy laying off some steam next to a beach setting, Jericho Beach Park is surely your calling. Located right next to the Jericho beach, the best time to visit here is the winter months, when you can enjoy sailing and boating activities as well. The view of the Northern shores, along with close proximity to the Locarno and Spanish Beach allows a full-fledged experience, wherein you can walk to other parks in the vicinity as well.

While you are at Jericho Beach Park, visit the Jericho Sailing Point for some piping hot tea and snacks. Some of the best meals are also served in smaller cafeterias on this beach.

Pacific Spirit Regional Park

Pacific Spirit Regional Park
Nature lovers, where are you? If you like greenery and love to explore exquisite nature reserves, head over to the Pacific Spirit Regional Park which will amaze you with its exotic flora and fauna. It is located towards the west region of the University of British Columbia, and offers a long walking and hiking trail of nearly 73 kms.

If you have pets and want to take them for walks, you can definitely visit this park for this purpose. There are specific leash-optional trails for your little friends to enjoy themselves in the lap of nature. You can also enjoy other activities here, like bird watching and picnics with your friends and family.

Fox’s Den (Splash Park)

fox den
The Fox’s Den offers visitors an indoor amusement park experience, with various ground-level rides. The best feature of this park is its umpteen water rides that are popular among all age groups. It is also one of Vancouver’s busiest parks every year, and is best for visiting during the summer and winter months.

The entry is free with different ticket pricing for single rides. It is open for 24 hours in a day and 6 days a week, where you can just stroll off and enjoy a little adventure amidst your busy schedule on a daily basis.
Wild Wave Water Park and Enchanted Village

As the name suggests, this park is a roller-coaster ride for all tourists. It is a themed park with a number of water activities and rides. It also has a separate Enchanted Village setup for children wherein they can interact with individuals and explore the surroundings. There are approximately 30 rides, in addition to other attractions in this space.

The Adventure Zone

adventure zone
The Adventure Zone is for the adrenaline junkies who wish to pump up their life with a whole lot of fun and adventure. Some of the noteworthy rides here include the ride-zone, the giant corkscrew slide, the rainbow bridge and even the monster drop. Alongside these rides, you can enjoy small breaks by munching on some popular snacks and drinks.

To Sum Up..

There’s no specific time and date for adventure. You do not need to plan a trip in order to visit an amusement park. As Vancouver is rife with so many options, make your trip spontaneous and have fun with your friends, family or solo!