The reputation of a college is everything. It can only be built if the college delivers great benefits to the students.

When it comes to PLC, we’ll support you at every stage to ensure your successful future.

Do you want to just survive or do you want to thrive in your career?

Survival should not be an option – only success brings personal rewards.

So, you are only left with an option to thrive, if you’re studying at Pacific Link College.

PLC is an accredited institution by the Ministry of Advanced Education, certified with the Education Quality Assurance of BC, and a designated learning institution (DLI) providing the college to provide quality education to international students as well, position us among the top colleges in Canada, providing a superb learning environment to prepare our students for a competitive job market.

Let’s talk about the benefits of attending PLC.

1. Creative Campus

The nurturing, professional culture of Pacific Link College will give you a cognitive and emotional boost to inspire creative thinking and empower you with great problem-solving skills.

You’ll find a range of students from different cultural backgrounds that will give you more exposure to the world around you.

Our professors, having extensive experience in their respective fields, will motivate you and ignite a spark of innovative spirit within you.

2. Specialized Areas of Study

We specialize in subjects like hospitality, digital media, and business. Unlike other institutions, which offer a multitude of programs in different domains, we focus on three major areas and train our students for the best, in those areas.

We present challenges to our students to enhance their performance and skills, making them tough to beat in their respective fields. By studying with classmates from diverse backgrounds, students obtain skills necessary for a diverse and multicultural Canadian workplace.

3. World-Class Teaching

Teachers are an inspiration for students. At PLC, you will learn from the professors with the industry expertise you expect. Their passion for teaching will make your learning experience fruitful.

Taking lectures from the world-class faculty will open up a window of opportunity. Professors not only impart theoretical knowledge – they also prepare students with the necessary practical skills so that they can perform well in the career of their choice.

4. Co-op Programs to Boost Career

So, here’s the best thing about this college: co-op.

Co-operative education is a substantial component of our programs, where students get a chance to work in a business related to their field of study. The primary objective of practice education is to enable students to gain the hands-on skills, customer interaction, and business culture by working in a Canadian business. This is even more important than the actual subject knowledge that students also learn to apply the theory to practice. The co-op opportunity also facilitates students trainees to build a network of professionals that will help them in their career growth.

The majority of our students have been hired by employers through co-op programs. So, if you’re looking to get hired by the top companies in Canada, you can start your journey here.

5. Clubs and Resources

Students can join cultural clubs and access language learning resources to improve their communication skills in a multicultural environment.

We are a vibrant community, where you will expand your thinking and build your confidence by becoming a part of the clubs and resources we offer. Joining clubs will help you to expand your personal and academic network, become more socially responsible, build leadership skills that will further help you in your career path, and most importantly, welcome you to a community where you feel a belonging and establish all aspects of your life in your new home, whether it is temporary or permanent.

6. Better Standard of Living

Pacific Link College is located in Metro Vancouver, surrounded by all its modern conveniences. We offer various accommodation options; you can select the one which suits you best.

Our campus is equipped with outstanding facilities, including a wireless Internet network, library access, and an online, integrated learning system. The college plans a number of activities and events to build your network and feel included, experience various cultural events, and build your communication and teamwork skills.

PLC encourages students health and happiness; many students enjoy cycling to and from campus, finding it to be an economically affordable and environmentally friendly way of traveling around Vancouver. The campuses are conveniently located to bus and rapid transit to move quickly across the fast-growing urban landscape. The campuses are also in close proximity to two of the largest shopping malls in Canada, as well as a wide variety of restaurants, cinemas, services, and fun activities.

7. Global Partners

We pride ourselves on establishing a partnership with the number of institutions around the globe. This helps our students to get hands-on experience through our various partners. Students can get the benefit of exchange programs and diversify their experience.