Pacific Link College, or fondly referred to as PLC brings to you a one of a kind co-op program that will help you adapt to the Great North, and blend well in the cultural and professional language that will help you advance your career in a new country. It is important for you to understand the place where you are studying or working, and master the native language in order to excel in the work environment as well. As English is the most frequently spoken language, you need to have a good grasp on it and ensure that you are there in Canada for a purpose. Take this diploma course today to experience theoretical as well as practical classes that will make you learn the language in no time.

In this article, you will get an insight into what the program entails and which aspects of the language it covers so that you can cover all your bases. It is open for graduates who are willing to pursue further studies, and in turn make their careers a better one.

What is the Childcare and Language Assistant Program?

The Childcare and Language Assistant Program provided by Pacific Link College helps you master the English language in the fields of safety, health, working with children, child development, nutritional needs of children and montessori coaching. It will basically help you become a teacher at the Montessori level, and later apply for a school or college job.

The program includes theory classes with proper classroom notes, observations, guest speakers, home child care and even community programs including after school classes. The communication is easy, and convenient. Graduates can take this program without any hassles, as a safe environment is created involving them with children to understand their psyche and surroundings. There is an option to work independently or in groups to boost a graduate’s confidence that will further help them develop the necessary skill set to prosper further.

How can you enroll in this program? Head over to the next section to see if you are eligible for this co-op program.

What are the Requirements To Enroll In The Program?

Wish to enroll in the Childcare and Language Assistant Program by Pacific Link College? You need to meet with the following eligibility criteria in order to stand a chance. See if this matches your expertise below,

  1. You need to be a high school graduate above 19 years of age
  2. Since this is a course involving the English language, you need to have Grade 10 English language or communications qualification.
  3. An IELTS score of 5.0 that entails 4.5 points of Academic or equivalent is necessary
  4. The PTE academic score should be 35 or above
  5. A mandatory College level entry test will be conducted by PLC. You need to score above 50% in order to meet with the eligibility criteria.

All requirements are basic and easy for you to start a beneficial co-op course with Pacific Link College.

To Sum Up…

Give flight to your dreams by indulging in a program that will benefit your life, all in all. By enrolling yourself in the program, you not only prepare yourself for the professional front but also create an experience shield for yourself personally as well.