Looking to gain some practical skills in Hospitality Industry? Try Pacific Link College’s assorted hospitality management programs, that can help anyone to gain the required experience and practical knowledge. Pacific Link College, fondly known as PLC, is an institution that provides the necessary theoretical and practical skills to its students through the host of courses available under its wing. Every student who enters this college goes back home with more than what was expected. It has widely contributed in uplifting the educational canvas of Canada, and is a major player in the industry for international students every year.

While looking for their booklet of courses, you would be happy to know that they cater to different hospitality and tourism programs that are the favourite subject for many international students. The hospitality courses include a diploma program, an associate and advanced hospitality diploma programs. Since these courses are short term, there is ample time to touch all the necessary basics and utilise the time and money’s worth in the best possible way.


Business Hospitality Diploma By Pacific Link College

This is a basic diploma course offered by Pacific Link College, in association with some highly qualified professors. Students are offered an in-depth understanding of the industry, in addition to recognition from the Board of Hospitality, certificates and on-ground expertise in the field.

 While this course requires all the necessary certifications from your high school and a standard test, it touches base with all the important skills required in this industry including tourism, academic knowledge, public speaking, management and supervision in the hospitality sector. It is accompanied by 620 hours of co-op training, a speciality incorporated by the college to get hands-on training while opting for this course.

Once you get your degree through this course, you have the opportunity to apply for various associate as well as managerial positions.


Business Hospitality Associate Diploma By Pacific Link College

This is the second level course for intermediate students in the hospitality industry. It offers a 10 course program that inculcates the basic classroom learning clubbed with co-op training that most students at the Pacific Link College are excited about. It mostly caters to hospitality management and business level knowledge that creates the pathway to most managerial positions later in future, including PR managers, catering managers, restaurant managers and more.

With a similar co-op structure of 620 hours, the course covers tourism, marketing, supervision, digital branding, business research and even public speaking in its courses. Most of the individual courses consist of 80 hours of classroom learning. If business acquisition is what you sought after, this is the ideal course for you, available at a standard budget.


Business Hospitality Advanced Diploma By Pacific Link College

Go deeper into the hospitality and tourism industry by taking the advanced diploma in hospitality by Pacific Link College. This usually covers the Business Hospitality Management and is certified by the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI).

It has a total of 10 courses that include the theoretical and practical knowledge of the industry. Those who wish to pursue this course can also gain the opportunity to work in the airlines, motels, cruises and even recreational inns and lounges among others. The course entails a deep understanding of business and sales skills, hospitality and human resource issues, and even food and beverage operations.

The co-op program offered under this course encompasses 780 hours of on-grounds training, coupled with 80 hours each for the theory subjects. This is a rigorous program that ensures that all students are prepared for the next level before they graduate.


To Sum Up…

No matter which level of learning you choose, each course at the Pacific Link College is ideal to make you experienced, at the industry level. Enroll now to spend the next 1 year of your life creating something stable for your future.