Transfer from College to University

Most students finishing high school would like to join a university directly and further pursue their studies. For different reasons like education quality, career, location, and finance high school graduates tend to want to learn more about higher education before actually taking a forward step into their future. For many the process can be exciting and yet daunting. Students with intentions to pursue their higher education in Canada can enter a Canadian University via two routes. The popular route will be for students heading directly to university after high school graduation. The University Transfer Program route, a less popular yet effective and affordable route, will be students attending college for 1 or 2 years and transferring to the second or third year of a Bachelor’s Degree program at a university.

What is the University Transfer Program?

University transfer programs allow students to begin their studies at a college or university and then transfer to a different institution to complete their degree. This program offers a smooth and efficient pathway for academic advancement, allowing students to transfer credits earned from their previous studies toward a degree at their desired university in BC.

Some students might have a hard time when choosing a degree program to enroll in University, a University transfer program is a great option for these students are these programs are designed to provide flexibility and opportunities for students to explore more their academic interests.

For International students a university transfer program is a viable option as sometimes, they don’t meet the English requirements set by the universities, or their high school education does not meet the university admission requirements or they don’t have the required GPA to be admitted to the university.

Does Pacific Link College have University Transfer Programs?

Yes, Pacific Link College has university transfer programs making the college a top attraction for domestic and international students who want to find their way in Canadian education and pursue their careers.  Programs at Pacific Link College are affordable allowing students to get a quality education in a less-expensive college and transfer credits earned from their previous studies toward a degree/diploma at their desired university in BC and worldwide. Together with the supportive learning environment at PLC, students are empowered to pursue their educational goals with confidence and ease.

Benefits of University Transfer Program

The following are the benefits of transferring from college to University through the University Transfer Program.

These pathways are short, affordable and allow student to apply for the post-graduate work permit.

Short Programs

PLC’s university transfer programs focus on essential prerequisites and core curriculum requirements thus they are not very long but ensure students get all they need to further continue their studies in university. This abbreviated timeframe not only accelerates academic progress but also enables students to save time and resources as they pursue their higher education goals. Though they are short, they are still well-structured in a way students receive the necessary academic preparation and support to seamlessly integrate into their chosen university programs upon transfer. Programs can be as short as 10 months or even 2 years with Co-op.

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Affordable Tuition Fees

Another major advantage is that these programs are very affordable offering students a cost-effective pathway to pursue higher education. With lower tuition fees compared to traditional four-year university programs, the financial burden won’t be very excessive and these transfer programs make quality education more accessible to a wider range of students. By focusing on foundational coursework and general education requirements, universities can streamline their offerings and pass on cost savings to students. This affordability aspect is particularly beneficial for students aiming to complete their first two years of college education before transferring to a four-year institution to pursue a bachelor’s degree. The first year’s tuition at Pacific Link College may equal between half and one-third of the total cost of attendance at your chosen university.

Apply for Post Graduate Work Permit

Our university transfer programs allow students to apply for up to 3 years of post-graduate work permits upon completion of their studies in the university/college. This means that after graduating from a university transfer program, students may be eligible to gain practical work experience, further enhancing their skills and preparing them for future career opportunities in their field of study in Canada for a certain period of time. Overall, the inclusion of post-graduate work permit eligibility adds significant value to our university transfer programs, offering students a pathway to both academic and professional success in Canada.

How to Transfer from PLC to Other Universities

Students can transfer from Pacific Link College to our partnership universities and colleges such as Trinity Western University (TWU), Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU), and Vancouver Community College (VCC) through Block Transfer. Block Transfer occurs when a group of courses, often in the form of a certificate or diploma, is recognized for transfer credit. Credit transfer/Transfer Credit is the process by which one institution awards credit for comparable courses taken at another.

PLC students can transfer directly into the second or third year of the degree/diploma program depending on the agreement with our partnership universities/colleges.

All the university transfer programs are executed under the BC Council on Admissions and Transfer (BCCAT). When transferring to another university/college from PLC, your college GPA, which is determined by your successfully completed transferable credits, will be the basis for determining your eligibility, when transferring more than 24 credits. If the credits available for transfer are less than 24, the university or college to which you have applied will assess your eligibility based on your final high school grades and the number of college credits you have completed at Pacific Link College.

In addition to transferring credits to a university, students are required to meet the Admissions and Transfer requirements of their chosen university and program in order to transfer to one. Since universities change their admissions and transfer processes occasionally then planning for transfer before completion of your program at PLC is very important. Our admissions team is available to make sure you get a seamless experience when transferring to another university. They will build a personalized study plan for you according to your primary goals and help you apply for the university or college when requesting for transfer.

Universities and Programs You Can Transfer to From Pacific Link College

There are many universities and colleges in British Columbia that you can transfer to from Pacific Link College (PLC). PLC students can transfer up to 42 credits to our partner universities.

Programs Eligible Universities
Hospitality Management Diploma Vancouver Community College
Bachelor of Hospitality Management Degree Vancouver Community College
Bachelor of Arts in Leadership Degree Trinity Western University
Master of Arts in Leadership Trinity Western University
Master of Business Administration (MBA) Trinity Western University
Business Management Diploma Kwantlen Polytechnic University
Accounting Diploma Kwantlen Polytechnic University
Business Administration Diploma Kwantlen Polytechnic University
General Business Studies Kwantlen Polytechnic University
Bachelor of Business Administration Kwantlen Polytechnic University

* For Bachelor of Business Administration PLC to KPU transfer, students can choose to major in accouting, entrepreneurial leadership, human resource management or marketing management when transferring credits.

PLC Business Leadership University Transfer Advanced Diploma, a Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) approved program lets students transfer to multiple universities around the world. Over 85 universities accept these diplomas.

If you are looking to transfer to another university or college apart from the ones we have a partnership with you may still be able to transfer some credits but that depends on the institution that you want to apply to.



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