Career Development

Program Overview (Program does not require approval from PTIB)

This course is designed to focus on the techniques and strategies to develop one’s career plans by identifying one’s employable skills; preparing relevant information for resumes, cover letters, and job applications; ‘sell’ oneself through interviews, social media, and other methods; and prepare for the first day of one’s work experience, be it a co-op placement, practicum, volunteer position, or regular employment.

Career Development is designed for students to determine their skills and knowledge in preparation of their college studies and work life, as well as for college students who desire more reinforcement in their Canadian job applying skills as they apply to their education.

The schedule and program end date are subject to change due to the student’s academic performance, course availability, academic breaks, additional electives, and study permit status.

Admission Requirements

  • Minimum score of 45% on the college’s entrance test, an IELTS score above or equal to 4.5 (general), or other equivalents.

For more information on language requirements where internationally-recognized tests and other equivalencies are accepted, see the specific appendix at the end of this program outline.

Learning Objectives

  • Creating a Canadian Standard Resume

  • Reference and Cover Letter Writing, Interview Techniques,
  • Interview Techniques

  • Job Search Skills

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, students should and will be able to :

  • Identify and list their personal, educational, and professional attributes that would successfully contribute to an employer’s selecting them as a candidate.
  • Obtain relevant personal and professional references to complement their job applications.
  • Prepare a professional resume or curriculum vitae focused on the job and career they have chosen, including in formats to submit to employers in print format and electronic formats.
  • Use various social media and other internet sites where they can promote themselves, research for job openings and trends in their chosen career, and electronically communicate for potential employment positions.
  • Write cover letters and professional e-mail and other electronic messaging to introduce themselves to potential employers.
  • Practise and be prepared to participate in employment and informational interviews.
  • Use a variety of job search techniques to identify ideal job positions that are posted, engage in cold calls and other communication to seek employment, and identify and proceed to find employment in the hidden job market.

Program Details

Career Development  | 80 hours