Tourism and Hospitality in BC

Course Overview

This course provides students with a comprehensive introduction to the many entities that make up the hospitality and tourism industry in BC. Students will get an up-to-date look at the dynamic tourism and hospitality field through numerous examples, exhibits, and statistics.

Upon completion of this course, participants will have the knowledge and skills necessary to deliver engaging and persuasive presentations in various professional and personal settings. They will be able to articulate their ideas effectively, connect with their audience, and leave a lasting impression through their speaking engagements.

  • Course Code: THMT101

  • Course Credits: 4.0

  • Course Hours: 80


No prerequisite to this course.

Course Details

  • History and overview of tourism: BC and Canada
  • Hospitality Services and Accommodation Options
  • Culinary Tourism and Food Experiences
  • Recreation and adventure tourism in BC
  • Aboriginal Tourism
  • Sustainable Tourism

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the course, students will be able to:

  • Describe the fundamental concepts of geographic study and identify geographical features and history of BC (and Canada), as well as other regions’ geography around the world.
  • List the various sectors and subject areas in tourism and hospitality and describe the trends and challenges of tourism in BC, including the history of urban settlement in BC.
  • Locate various transportation centres and modes of transportation and advise the most efficient and practical methods of moving around a city.
  • Find and research the many festivals, events, meetings, attractions, and other niche tourism industries common in the local area.
  • Visit and distinguish between various types of hotels and other accommodations, define their departments and functions, and draft an organisation chart for a specific type of hotel.
  • Explain the general concepts of services marketing and its importance in hospitality and tourism, as well as the importance of quality customer service and customer orientation
  • Describe and identify the many types of food and beverage services, their various customer types, the ethnic and regional cuisines featured in BC, and the spectrum of behaviours encountered in various types of restaurants.
  • Suggest different activities to a customer who wishes to participate in recreational and adventure tourism activities.
  • Describe the key physical geography of the regions of BC, including the forestry, waterways, and land use, and explore the outdoors with activity such as geocaching and photo journaling.
  • Find travel services available in BC both online and at local tourism centres.
  • Report and present some of the most common aboriginal issues in BC, their history and sacred places and appreciation of nature, and the trends with aboriginal tourism in the province.
  • Describe and know where to find information on the various risks, laws, insurance, occupational health and safety, and statutory requirements for the tourism and hospitality industry in BC.
  • Explain the principles of providing a quality service experience and earn certification by completing the SuperHost® Foundations of Service Quality course.

Learning Methods

  • Lecture/presentation
  • Discussions
  • Field trips
  • Case studies
  • Individual assignments and group exercises
  • Facilitated group work
  • Online activity
  • Video presentations