Assessment of campus and learning (in accordance with WorkSafe BC)

PLC classes and courses are being delivered 100% online (since March 2020) until there is ministry go-ahead to have
them offline/blended. Burnaby campus is closed for classes until said clearance is received, and is used by internal staff
only. Surrey campus has only administrative offices running – appointment-based reception, learning management, coop and student advising. Students and visitors in general are contacted via phone or electronic means, with on-campus
visits only allowed when absolutely necessary and by appointment. Visitors will need to self-assess, sign in and wear
masks (provided by PLC for those who do not have these) at all times on-campus.
Areas identified as those with higher traffic – reception, student lounge, student advising, co-op office and lunch room.
Roles that require higher visitor interaction – reception, student advising and co-op.
Equipment with shared use – copier.
Surfaces with higher interaction – front and back door handles, tables used to maintain distancing and student advisor
room handle.

Protocols for staff and visitors to campus (in accordance with WorkSafe BC)

– Occupancy limit for the Surrey campus has been reduced to 15 (posted on-site); no classes or visits occur at Burnaby
– With 5-8 staff on-site, a maximum of 2 visitors are allowed at a time; appointments are made so that only this many
visitors are on-site at a time
– Everyone must maintain a 2-metre distance from one another at all times; points have been marked on the floor to
show distancing
– The campus has a single entry and exit pathway to have one-way foot traffic, with said pathway indicated via arrows
– Visits are by appointment only
– Visitors must wear masks at all times; if they do not bring these, PLC will provide them with masks
– Visitors will need to allow their temperatures to be taken via digital infrared thermometer; if they have a temperature
indicative of a fever, they will be asked to leave and conduct their appointment via phone or video conference
– Visitors must sanitize their hands upon entry
– Visitors may not wait in the reception area, but instead must go to the student lounge
– High-occupancy areas like reception use use markings to denote distancing
– Barriers are cleaned and sanitized along with the entire campus regularly
– Staff on-site will maintain social distance from one another and visitors; staff that often see visitors will use masks
– Staff will sanitize and wipe down their work areas and equipment daily before and after use (sanitizer is provided)
– PLC nurse staff supervised by the Campus Manager will train and update staff on all COVID-19 protocols
– PLC has contracted regular campus cleaning and sanitization
– No shared food equipment will be available on campus e.g. cups
– The lunch room allows only 1 user at a time

Policies for outbreak (in accordance with WorkSafe BC and PHAC Guidance for Post Secondary Institutions during

– Anyone showing symptoms of COVID-19 or having arrived to Canada in the past 14 days is prohibited from the campus
– Staff that show symptoms will be asked to go/remain at home and must work from; they will need to contact 811
immediately for testing and health procedures
– Staff showing symptoms must isolate at home and inform their contacts
– Any outbreak will be reported by the nurse on staff or Campus Manager to Fraser Health
– For anyone having severe symptoms, staff will immediately call 911
– The campus will be closed for staff and visitors in the case of an outbreak; complete sanitization of the campus will take
place daily for 5 days
– The campus will only open after 14 days since the outbreak
– All staff on-site during outbreak will be required to go home, work from home and self-monitor for 14 days before
returning; anyone with symptoms will need to report to Fraser Health and continue to work from home
– Post outbreak, staff will meet about changing protocols around campus access

Communication and training (in accordance with WorkSafe BC)

– Policies are sent by the campus manager to all staff via email
– Signage regarding symptoms and occupancy limits are posted in reception and lunch room

Monitoring and changing to adapt to the situation (in accordance with WorkSafe BC)

– The Campus Manager and nurse on staff will stay updated on the latest health developments regarding COVID-19 in BC
– PLC’s nurse on staff will update current staff and also train new staff on latest COVID-19 policies from the health

Educational delivery (in accordance with AEST Go Forward Guidelines for Post Secondary)

– PLC courses are delivered 100% online (live sessions) to minimize exposure during the COVID-19 pandemic until further
advice from the ministry
– Students must follow the same guidelines for attendance and behaviour as during in-person classes
– New students and instructors will receive orientation to PLC and online learning
– Instructors will work from home until there is go-ahead from AEST and the provincial health officer to return to normal
in-class learning

Quarantine of arriving international students (in accordance with AEST Go Forward Guidelines for Post Secondary,
PHAC Guidance for Post Secondary Institutions during COVID-19 and Public Health Institutional Readiness
Requirements for Int’l Students)

– Any students who have attained their study permits must notify PLC so that the following arrangements can be made
– PLC will coordinate arranging a hotel for self-isolation and also special PPE taxi pickup and drop-off at the hotel
– COVID-19 policies, quarantine information and PLC contact information will be given to students before they depart to
– Students will also be given access to the BC COVID-19 app and ArriveCan
– Before arrival PLC will also coordinate the setup of extended health care plans and also food delivery service for
students and their spouses and children during quarantine
– Parental accompaniment is discouraged for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic
– PLC will be in contact with students during quarantine for advising and also cultural as well as arrival information
– For students that need it, PLC will coordinate the setup of Homestay with partnered providers; said service will begin
after quarantine is over
– New arriving students wanting to meet staff will only do so after the quarantine period and with prior approval from
the college
– Students showing symptoms during quarantine will be put in touch with local health authorities if needed in the case of
intense symptoms, or may need to isolate for longer; meals and other services can be extended in this case
– Student social activities such as winter party will be strictly online

COVID-19 Information and Resources:

WorkSafeBC COVID-19 health check list:

COVID-19 go-forward plan for post-secondary in BC:

Orders of the Provincial Health Officer:

College Emergency Contact Information:

Phone number: 604-439-9255 ext 103