Miscellaneous Student Fees

CREDENTIALS / DOCUMENTS: student’s account / financial obligations must be met prior to approval
Official interim transcript – within 5 business days $25.00
Official interim transcript – RUSH – within 1 business day $42.00
Replacement academic credential (final) – diploma or certificate $100.00
COURSES AND PROGRAMS: payment required after approved and before processing
Transfer credit – prior learning assessment should be done before enrollment into the program of study $100.00 PER COURSE
Request to change program of study: payment after approval $200.00
Request to change schedule (course or time period): payment after approval $100.00
Request to change location (campus): payment after approval $150.00
Request to change co-op placement (student request): upon approval $200.00
If a student’s account becomes overdue (past payment date agreed upon on student contract), there are late fees applied
Late payment fee: 1-7 days (up to one week) $100.00
Late payment fee: 8-14 days (up to two weeks) $500.00
Late payment fee: 15-21 days (up to three weeks) $1,000.00
If an account is outstanding beyond 21 days, the student will be dismissed from the college
Replacement of Student ID card $25.00
Replacement of textbooks or other course materials Full amount
Effective in the spring of 2019, all international students will be provided temporary medical insurance for their first three months of study (included in their program fees when enrolling). In this period, students are expected to apply for BC Medical Insurance. Details will be provided when available. Students can elect to extend this insurance until they have proof of the government of BC medical insurance.
Extension of temporary insurance coverage (additional three months) $250.00
Re-enrolment into a program (after student has withdrawn or been dismissed): After re-entry into the college has been approved $350.00
Re-sitting (repeating) a course: due to incompletion or failure $2,000.00
Re-writing a CERTIFIED exam (e.g. AHLEI course-related) $75.00