Business Leadership University Transfer Diploma

Program Overview (Approved by PTIB)

The Business Leadership University Transfer Diploma program enables learners to acquire skills and knowledge in key business functions such as management, marketing, and finance. The program also helps enhance relevant knowledge and skills in economics, communication, problem solving, and information and communication technology.

The program is designed to provide a broad understanding of business organisations and the environment in which they operate. It has a strong managerial focus which helps successful students progress to management roles. In addition, the wide range of options enables candidates to progress to specialist roles such as human resource management, marketing, and financial services.

The qualifications earned in the Business Leadership  Diploma program also meet the requirements for the Scottish Qualification Authority’s (SQA) Advanced Diploma in Business. Effective in 2018, Pacific Link College became an approved SQA centre whereby graduates of the program are able to access advanced entry to universities internationally that are SQA Progression Partners, entering the second or third year of a related undergraduate degree. [More information on these partnerships can be found in the appendix of this document, “About the SQA” and from the college’s admissions department.

Our courses are provided with a diverse range of teaching methods and activity, via classroom, our learning management system, and applicable activities (i.e. guest speakers, field trips, simulations and real-world applications) with emphasis on scenarios and realistic examples of businesses.

The schedule and program end date are subject to change due to the student’s academic performance, course availability, academic breaks, additional electives, and study permit status.

Program Details

61-week program with 31 courses (1,220 hours)

College Introduction
    CPDT100 | College Success Strategies and Orientation (20 hours)
Business Foundations
    CMNS121 | Effective Presentations (40 hours)
    MKTG107 | Creating a Culture of Customer Care (40 hours)
Business Term 1
    ORGB101 | Organisational Behaviour I: Individual Processes (40 hours)
    ORGB102 | Organisational Behaviour II: Team and Organisational Processes (40 hours)
    ITEC137 | IT Applications Software (40 hours)
    ITEC147 | IT in Business: Spreadsheets (40 hours)
    MKTG101 | Introduction to Marketing (40 hours)
    ECON110 | Introduction to Economics: Macroeconomics (40 hours)
    ACCT171 | Introduction to Financial Accounting (40 hours)
    ACCT172 | Financial Accounting: Business Decision Making (40 hours)
    CMNS171 | Business Communication III: Reports (40 hours)
Business Term 2
    HRMT147 | Human Resource Management: Introduction (40 hours)
    BUSN167 | Business Law: An Introduction (40 hours)
    ECON138 | Economics: Micro and Macro Theory (40 hours)
    CPDT147 | Personal Development Planning (40 hours)
    ITEC105 | Information and Communication Technology I: Systems (40 hours)
    ITEC115 | Information and Communication Technology II: Business (40 hours)
    BAOM197 | Business: Summative Assessment (40 hours)
Business Term 3
    BUSN258 | Business Culture and Strategy I (40 hours)
    BUSN268 | Business Culture and Strategy II (40 hours)
    BUSN208 | Behavioural Skills for Business (40 hours)
    BUSN277 | Business Contractual Relationships (40 hours)
    MKTG267 | International Marketing: An Introduction (40 hours)
    BLUT288 | Business: Project Investigation I (40 hours)
Business Term 4
    ECON238 | The World Economy (40 hours)
    ACCT278 | Preparing Financial Forecasts (40 hours)
    BUSN298 | Statistics for Business (40 hours)
    BLUT289 | Business: Project Investigation II (40 hours)
Career Development
    CPDT267 | Continuous Workforce Development I (40 hours)
    CPDT277 | Continuous Workforce Development II (40 hours)

Fee Structure

Fees (in CAD) International Students Domestic Students
Tuition Fee $22,500 $21,500
Application Fee $1,000 $250
Administrative Fee $2,000 $2,000
Textbook Fee $2,500 $2,500
Material Fees $500 $500
Other Fee $300 $0
Assessment Fee $250 $250
Total Fees $29,050 $27,000

Tuition refunds are based on policy stated in the college’s enrolment agreement and bound by the Private Training Act Regulation.


  • High school graduates or mature student status (19 years or older at start of program)
  • Language requirement (recommended for optimum success)
    • English 12 (pass); or
    • IELTS 6.0 General (5.5 Academic); or
    • CELPIP 7; or
    • College entrance test (63% minimum); or equivalent
  • International students must comply with the requirements of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada in respect to study permits.

For more information on language requirements where internationally-recognized tests and other equivalencies are accepted, please consult with our admissions staff.