Advanced Academic Preparation

Program Overview (Program does not require approval from PTIB)

This program is designed to develop moderate academic reading skills, express thoughts and convey information in an academically appropriate written form, prepare students for the listening needs they will have in college, and develop speaking skills essential for academic success.

Emphasis is placed on developing a comfort in the classroom environment by applying the four language skills in an interactive form, integrating the functions of grammar, mechanics, and punctuation, complemented by practicing the English language in workplace settings.

Advanced Academic Preparation is designed for students to determine their skills and knowledge in preparation of their college studies, as well as for college students who desire more reinforcement in their English language skills as they apply to their education.

This program is for students with who score less than 55% on the PLC entrance test to establish English language fluency similar to IELTS 6.0.

The schedule and program end date are subject to change due to the student’s academic performance, course availability, academic breaks, additional electives, and study permit status.

Program Details

Advanced Academic Preparation (160 hours)

Fee Structure

Fees (in CAD) Domestic Students International Students
Application Fee $250 $350
Tuition $3,500 $3,500
Course Materials $150 $150
Textbook Fee $300 $300
All Items $4,200 $4,300

refunds are based on policy stated in the college’s enrolment agreement and bound by the Private Training Act


  • 17+ years of age
  • Students must score at least 45% in PLC’s entrance test.