Pacific Link College, popularly known as PLC, has launched its series of Student Stories and this time they have interviewed one of their more aspirational students, Hemvir Singh. He is a student of the Business Hospitality Program under PLC, and enjoys the culture of the organization towards theoretical and practical lessons. Hemvir is inspired by the different practices followed by them, and wishes to inculcate the same in his career.

Hemvir Singh’s Journey at PLC

Talking about his time at PLC, he believes everyone enjoys the classes as every individual has the opportunity to learn and can actually implement the learning practice in their daily lives. He is currently pursuing co-op training and wishes to learn under the same employer in future, so that he can create a professional rapport and understanding to excel in his career. The constant appraisal he gets from his employer makes him more willing to ask questions and work towards working harder to finish his training. He wants to grow in the industry with the same employer as he feels comfortable, which is the regular environment with every student at PLC.

The Student Experience at Pacific Link College

The best part about studying at Pacific Link College is the practical knowledge gained by every student. The co-op training helps every student to enhance their skills and understand everything they have studied in the theory classes. The field work and training helps them to detect problems at the spot and provide logical solutions to solve them. The training, in particular, ensures that every student has a fine resume by the end of their course. The regular skill upgradation and work experiences through short term and long term internships makes the journey at Pacific Link College worthwhile

To Sum Up..

If you are looking for a professional term to upgrade your skills and gain industry experience from the experts, enroll in the Pacific Link College today to start your successful journey.