Pacific Link College, famously known as PLC, has its Student Stories series where each week a new student comes up to share his or her experience, working and learning with prospective employers. Usually, the theoretical and practical knowledge imparted at the premises makes it easier for students to apply it in their day to day lives. It is a great learning experience, all in all. In today’s series, Adama Kadamji, a Digital Media Student will be narrating her journey at Pacific Link College and why it was so meaningful to her.

Adama is enrolled in the Digital Media Studies Science Program at the Pacific Link College which has a lot of practical learning that needs to be applied on site. Her mentors have been very supportive of her choices, and the constant practical applications have made it beneficial for her to take this up as a career option. The program ensures a co-op training that allows all students to work with prospective firms as a primary internship that may possibly turn into a full time role. Adama has already earned her Bachelor’s degree, and is pursuing this course to enhance her skills and add more to her resume.

The Student Experience at Pacific Link College

According to Adama, practical application of knowledge and skill is the primary concern of the Pacific Link College. There are various course options to choose from, some more practical than others, but the present curriculum ensures that every student gets to test out his or her skills on site, before heading out and applying for jobs. The program is designed in such a way that the students can avail classes for up to 10 months, and then indulge in another 10 months of co-op training to make the most of their money and efforts.

Adama is a part of the Pacific Link College because of the additional skill she wanted to explore. There is a high demand in the marketing for skills like digital media and marketing, which can add value to one’s resume. No matter which background you come from, you can enroll at the Pacific Link College to learn more. And when does learning ever stop?

To Sum Up..

Upgrade your skills at the Pacific Link College and explore what career options will be best suitable for your professional life. Meet people, explore interests and discover yourself further through PLC.