June Intake in Canada 2024

A considered destination for many when it comes to career and education opportunities, Canada is still opening doors to international students looking to make progress in their academics. The world-class education system, welcoming environment, diverse culture and job opportunities are some of the reasons why students choose Canada as a destination for their post-secondary education.

Pacific Link College offers various admissions intakes throughout the year. Among the various intake seasons, the June 2024 intake holds significant appeal for its unique advantages. In this article, we will discuss how to be enrolled for June intake at Pacific Link College, admission requirements, benefits of June intake, and all about June intake admission in Canada.

About July Intake in Canada in 2024

Admissions for the July academic month are commonly referred to as “summer intake” in Canada. Because all program vacancies at Canadian universities occur during the fall and winter semesters, these intakes are typically the most popular with students, particularly those from abroad. At Pacific Link College, on the other hand, applicants can be accepted for the July intake (summer intake) and begin their classes of choice right away, without having to wait for the fall or winter intake.

The July intake at PLC is open, with the first day of class being either 24 June 2024 or 15 July 2024. Students can enroll and take their courses at the beginning of July or the later end. Learn more about the important dates for the July admissions intake and other intakes at Pacific Link College (PLC).

Programs Offered at Pacific Link College

Having a monthly intake is one of the reasons that makes Pacific Link College a favorite destination for international students and other Canadian residents. Students can still get admitted at Pacific Link College anytime as long as they meet the admission requirements and program specific requirements for the July intake admission.

Programs at Pacific Link College are created to give students the knowledge and abilities that employers are looking for, enabling them to succeed in the workforce. We provide certificates, associate diploma programs, postgraduate programs, and advanced diploma programs.

Business Hospitality Management

Looking to start a career in hospitality? with a PLC education in Business Hospitality Management, you’ll be a top candidate for in-demand roles in the hotel, tourism, and hospitality industry. Admissions are open.

Digital Media Studies

Ready for a career in digital marketing? Gain practical skills and industry insights in social media, search engine optimization (SEO), content creation, and online marketing in order to thrive in today’s media landscape. Enroll now to shape your future in digital media!

Health Science Community Support and Administration

Are you aspiring to work in the healthcare industry? Make a difference in the lives of people and the community with our Health Science Community Support and Administration Diploma.

Childcare and Language Assistant

Become a proficient Early Childhood Educator Assistant (ECEA). Follow your passion for children and help them get the best early education needed. Applications are open.

Business Leadership

Are you aspiring to step into a leadership position? Our Business Leadership Diploma is your pathway to realizing those ambitions! Gain the skills and confidence to lead with impact, drive organizational success, and inspire others to greatness.

Global Restaurant Entrepreneurship

Turn your culinary skills into a career! Join our Global Restaurant Entrepreneurship Program and learn how to turn your passion for food into a successful business venture.

Information Communication Technology in Business

Ready to pursue a career in Information Technology. Become an IT specialist who understands the business side of an organization as well with our Information and Communication Technology in Business program.

Business Fundamentals

Ready to kickstart your career in business? Explore our 1-year diploma program in Business Fundamentals. Gain essential skills, real-world experience, and open doors to endless opportunities.

Tourism, Hospitality, and Services

Thinking about joining the customer service industry? Our Tourism, Hospitality and Services program is open for enrollment.

Intensive Academic Preparation

Looking for improve your English proficiency? Intensive Academic Preparation 1 and Intensive Academic Preparation 2 programs are available for you.

Why June Intake at Pacific Link College?

The advantages of being accepted into Pacific Link College are numerous. Students can attend classes at Burnaby Campus, and Surrey Campus, in British Columbia throughout the spring and summer. The following are some advantages of being accepted into Pacific Link College’s July intake.

  • Availability of all Programs: In contrast to other universities and colleges at PLC, summer intake offers students the opportunity to enroll in any of our offered programs.
  • Schedule Flexibility: Our course schedules are very adaptable, catering to students seeking classes on weekdays, weekends, or even in the evenings.
  • Online Classes:  Online courses are available to students who want to start from any location in Canada.
  • Student Events:  Since it’s summer, there are a lot of student-run activities and events that encourage interacting with others and networking.
  • Good Weather:  Although summer in Canada is short, it is glorious when it does arrive. Summertime allows people to go around a lot before winter sets in.

How to Get Admitted at Pacific Link College?

Here are a few steps on how to get enrolled for the Summer/Spring Intake 2024 at Pacific Link College:

  • Research the program: With over 20 programs available at PLC, students can get through them and find that which aligns with their academic and career aspirations.
  • Meet admission requirements: Each program has its own admission requirements, individuals are required to meet these requirements before applying for admission. General requirements to get admitted at PLC include students must be 19 years or older, graduated from high school and have evidence of English language proficiency through IELTS, TOEFL, or language proficiency tests.
  • Apply for the Chosen Program: After being sure of the program you want to study and that you have met the admission requirements, you can proceed with applying to study at Pacific Link College.
  • Wait for the Response from PLC:After submitting your application to study at Pacific Link College, you can wait for the response from the college about your admission status. Once you have been admitted, you can proceed with applying for a study permit (for international students) or get ready to start your program (for those who don’t need a study permit).

Further details about applying to study at PLC can be found here.

Pacific Link College visa success rate is high as a college but it also depends on the student who is applying for the study permit. Students should correctly provide all required documents to IRCC for their visa to be approved after all, the study permit approval is under the discretion of the IRCC officer.



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