Pacific Link College (PLC) comes back with its Student Stories series this week with another one of their brilliant minds, who shifted to Canada from India just to get the visibility and enhance her skills in Digital Media. We present to you Himanshi Goel, who has enrolled herself for a 10 months co-op program that includes theoretical and practical experiences through the duration of the education. As PLC is one of the top colleges in Canada that provides a full hands on experience to each and every candidate by giving them full support and individual attention, there was no doubt Himanshi travelled miles away from her home just so that she could facilitate her career.

Himanshi Goel’s Journey at PLC

Digital media is the sole means of progress for any company or brand these days. No wonder Himanshi chose this stream as her career option for life. She is pursuing her course in Digital Media Studies Management Science at the Pacific Link College (PLC). Since the program constitutes various sub-segments of the digital world as trending in today’s time, she gets to apply her theory in real life and also intern under some of the best trainers to develop a long term bond. She did her Bachelors in Commerce in India and then moved to Canada to enroll in the top college to make her dreams come true. As a student at PLC, she gets to learn, grow and also do a full time job while staying in touch with the frequent practices of digital media. Her progress has been great so far and the constant guidance she receives from her trainers makes her push forward, harder with every passing day.

The Student Experience at Pacific Link College

Pacific Link College specialises in the practical knowledge it imparts to its students. Every stream has a theoretical aspect to it that enables all the students to apply it in real time, hence enhancing their soft skills and those related to their specific careers. The college boosts their confidence, and prepares them well in advance to take on the real world. As they intern or work full time with their trainers, they are also given a proper job opportunity at the end of the co-ops training if they excel in their field. Hence, Pacific Link College definitely gives flights to their dreams and every graduate is rewarded for a lifetime of happiness and success.

As the fee is affordable and various individuals come from different spheres of life, the college, in addition to imparting theoretical and practical knowledge, ensures that the students learn to mix well with others. Cultural diversity is given importance, as people learn to work on their people skills as well. Once you graduate, you not only leave with the skill set you came for but take away friendship, humanitarian skills and an entrepreneurial vision along with you. Looking for more reasons to enroll at the Pacific Link College?

To Sum Up..

Make PLC your first choice if you are deciding to move to Canada. You will definitely not regret your decision as the college will fuel your future with all the knowledge and skills you require to become a successful professional.