Start Date Orientation Date First Date of Class
23-Jan-23 26-Jan-23 30-Jan-23
20-Feb-23 23-Feb-23 27-Feb-23
20-Mar-23 23-Mar-23 27-Mar-23
17-Apr-23 20-Apr-23 24-Apr-23
15-May-23 18-May-23 22-May-23
12-Jun-23 15-Jun-23 19-Jun-23
24-Jul-23 27-Jul-23 31-Jul-23
21-Aug-23 24-Aug-23 28-Aug-23
18-Sep-23 21-Sep-23 25-Sep-23
16-Oct-23 19-Oct-23 23-Oct-23
13-Nov-23 16-Nov-23 20-Nov-23
25-Dec-23 28-Dec-23 1-Jan-24

*Summer Break – July 17, 2023 to July 30, 2023
*Winter Break – December 18, 2023 to December 31, 2023

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the important dates,

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