The program is pending review by the Private Training Institutions Branch

Program Overview

In today’s business environment, it is essential to have an online presence and use various technologies for a successful enterprise. Websites and apps have become an important element of marketing and communications for businesses and organisations, and they need to change and adapt as technologies develop and businesses grow. Business and organisation expectations continually increase, and to remain successful, traditional web development companies have also changed and will continually adapt how they operate to satisfy business requirements.

The Information and Communication Technology: Digital Design and Web Development with Co-op (Post-Graduate Co-operative Diploma) program applies this theme to provide the knowledge and skills for a wide range of occupations to launch a student’s career. Beyond web design and development companies, many organisations now have their own digital teams who provide services in-house including e-commerce, app design and development, digital marketing and branding, SEO, UX/UI design, graphic design, video production, motion graphics, animation, and copywriting – everything a business needs in terms of marketing and communication.

Students will build on foundations to prepare information, communicate it to consumers and other businesses, and use technology for e-businesses and companies who use e-commerce to assist businesses to thrive in a very competitive market. Students learn to work as a team and manage projects that develop web applications and use digital marketing and other methods beginning with effective communication such as copywriting for the web, electronic presentations, user interface and user experience design, data management and database creation, and through digital design and applying e-commerce concepts.

Applications will include the development of web pages using tools for their structure, content and interactivity such HTML5, Cascading Style Sheets, JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL for a dynamic and responsive web design production. Students will also work in teams to design websites using a content management system (CMS), such as WordPress, that both expedites a design using templates and plugins, but also allows the project to adapt web pages using other tools learned.

The schedule and program end date are subject to change due to the student’s academic performance, course availability, academic breaks, additional electives, and study permit status.

The courses are provided with a variety of activities via classroom, guest speakers, observations, in-class practice, and field trips. It also includes a co-op placement to apply the knowledge and skills gained in class. (The program is also available as a Post-Graduate Associate Diploma, without the co-op module)

Students will be able to gain work experience in a wide range of occupations related to marketing design, and development of websites including database administration, UI/UX design, graphic and web design, e-commerce and social media administration, copywriting and digital marketing, and application development. With the foundations of a student’s training and their co-op work experience, it also allows students to determine their specific career path in the noted and other ICT areas of business.

Program Details

College Introduction
    CPDT100 | College Success Strategies and Orientation (20 hours)
Information and Communication Technology Foundations
    CMNS115 | Effective Presentations (40 hours)
    CMNS125 | Writing for Digital Media (40 hours)
    DIGD115 | User Interface Design (40 hours)
    DIGD116 | User Experience for the Web (40 hours)
    ITEC155 | Working with Databases (40 hours)
    GRPH101 | Fundamentals of Graphic Design (40 hours)
    BUSN215 | E-Commerce 1: Business Models and Technology (40 hours)
    BUSN216 | E-Commerce 2: Marketing, Media, and Social Networks (40 hours)
    PROJ205 | Teamwork and Project Management in ICT (40 hours)
Web and Digital Design & Development
    WEBD101 | Introduction to the Web, Development, and Design (40 hours)
    WEBD111 | Web Design Structure Using Markup Language (40 hours)
    WEBD112 | Web Design Content Using Style Sheets (40 hours)
    WEBD121 | Programming for Web Behaviour (40 hours)
    WEBD131 | Dynamic Web Pages and Data-Driven Application (40 hours)
    WEBD139 | Practical Web Projects (40 hours)
    WEBD141 | Web Image Production (40 hours)
    WEBD151 | Content Management Systems 1: Infrastructure and Data Management (40 hours)
    WEBD152 | Content Management Systems 2: Applications Development (40 hours)
    WEBD159 | Content Management Systems 3: Real World Projects (40 hours)
    WEBD161 | Video Editing Essentials (40 hours)
Work Experience and Career Development
    CPDT110 | Preparation for Employment (40 hours)
    COOP139-DDWD | Co-operative Education: Digital-Web Design and Development (Excluded in Associate Diploma) (780 hours)

Fee Structure

Fees (in CAD) International Students International Students Without Co-op Domestic Students Domestic Students Without Co-op
Tuition Fee $18,225 $18,225 $12,758 $12,758
Assessment Fee $250 $250 $0 $0
Application Fee $1,000 $1,000 $250 $250
Administration Fee $2,200 $200 $2,200 $200
Other Fee $300 $300 $0 $0
Textbook Fee $1,491 $1,491 $1,491 $1,491
Course Material Fees $161 $161 $161 $161
Total Fees $23,627 $21,627 $16,860 $14,860


  • High school graduates or mature student status (19 years or older at start of program)
  • Language requirement (recommended for optimum success)
    • Grade 12 level English or
    • IELTS 6.0 (5.5 Academic) or equivalent; or
    • TOEFL 60-78; or
    • PTE Academic ( Minimum 50 Overall); or
    • CLB 7; or
    • CAEL 50; or
    • Duolingo 85-90 (; or
    • College entrance test (50% minimum)
  • International students must comply with the requirements of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada in respect to study permit.

For more information on language requirements where internationally-recognized tests and other equivalencies are accepted, please consult with our admissions staff.